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A note about us


My name is Sophie, and I'm the owner of Lilac Light your online oasis for ethical crystals. 


When I founded Lilac Light in July 2020, I made it my mission to take cloudy ethics out of crystal collecting. Crystal lovers shouldn't have to compromise their values when shopping for new stones. At Lilac Light you don't have to, because I do the work for you.


My crystals go through a stringent vetting process, to confirm ethical practices, from mine to pocket. I believe crystals are precious resources from the Earth, and so, demand the utmost care and respect when being sourced.


These magickal bits of Earth infuse beauty into our lives. Crystals can remind us to slow down, admire nature, to embody our true selves, and to sparkle no matter what circumstance we might find ourselves in.

Thank you for choosing to shop mindfully with me. Let's heal and sparkle together.

Wrapped in love and so much light, 


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