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Lately I only buy crystals from Sophie because they’re so fairly priced, always packaged so carefully, and she sources them ethically! Every new shop update is exciting for me!

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I received the Rose Quartz Chunk in perfect condition. It was larger than I thought it would be and way more beautiful and gorgeous in person. I am over the moon with this crystal! Sophie has such a beautiful energy. She honestly puts all her heart and soul into each transaction. She truly loves finding homes for each of the crystals she has at her shop and I love how intentional and purposeful she is when sourcing them. Sophie was such a pleasure to work with as she was extremely patient and responsive to answering all my questions. I will definitely buy more crystals from her in the future!

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This shop is so magical and it feels good to shop here knowing that these stones are coming from ethical places. I had my eye on this one for a while and couldn’t stop thinking about it until it was mine. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this store really is.


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Every single item I get from Lilac Light is above and beyond incredible!! Every crystal is gorgeous and clearly so high vibe... this one was a gift and my step mom texted me asking where I found such magic as soon as she opened it! And Sophie is the kindest person and always so helpful in selecting the right crystal. I’m so grateful to have found this shop, and I know my own collection will continue to grow with items from this shop, and am so excited to gift more to people. The best!

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When I happened upon this unique fluorite freeform, I simply couldn't resist! There were two at the time I was eying and I couldn't decide on which one, but I suppose the decision was made easier on me as the other was sold. The shop owner was prompt and kind with my queries, for which I appreciated. In addition, she shipped it in record time as well and surprisingly - it arrived in just four days while plenty of my other Etsy and non-Etsy orders were delayed due to the holiday season. Once received, it was everything as pictured and in fact - appeared even more stunning in person. I'm totally digging its dark, mystical purple and slight green hues as well as its triangular form. This will surely bode well in my ever-growing collection of minerals. All in all, wonderful initial experience at this shop!

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Absolutely beautiful! I bought this as a gift for my momma and we were both impressed at the size, quality, and detail of the piece. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!


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