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Welcome to Lilac Light

Your home for unique, beautiful, and ethical crystals.


A Woman Owned Small Buisiness Based in Raleigh North Carolina 

Taking the Cloudy Ethics out of Crystal Shopping

We believe you shouldn't have to compromise your values when adding to your crystal collection. 

Lilac Light does the research so you can feel good about shopping the crystals that you love.

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Always 100%


Ethics also means genuine materials. Lilac Light crystals are never heat treated or dyed. We pride ourselves in providing natural and genuine stones.

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What does Ethical mean?

To meet the standard of Ethically Sourced, Lilac Light looks for 3 things.

About Ethical

Fair Wages for Labor

Safe Working Conditions

Low Environmental Impact

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Fair Wages

It is extremely difficult to obtain accurate wage information from mines or wholesale companies.


When information is not public, you are left with the socioeconomic landscape of the country where the crystals were mined to gauge their wage practices.


For example the US, Canada, Australia and the UK have protective labor laws in place that restrict child labor and exploitive wages.


Another reliable check point Lilac Light uses when selecting wholesale partners, is certified fair trade sellers or products.

Safe Work Conditions

An ethical mine has good safety standards in place to protect workers. Regulations vary by country laws but are often publicly accessible. Small mines have a reputation for good worker safety regulations and are required to conduct regular mine inspections.


For example, the US Department of Labor requires inspections 2x a year for above ground mines and 4 x a year for below ground mines. Small crystal mines also opt for hand mining in small deposits rather than employing hazardous heavy machinery.

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Lilac Light partners with sources who:

  • Practice hand mining in small deposits

  • Have local environmental protections

  • Give back to nature preserves

  • Use solar energy on site

​When Lilac Light works with certified fair trade sellers, this also assures environmental impact is prioritized.

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Low Environmental

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We take our customers' satisfaction seriously. Lilac Light is proud to have only received 5 out of 5 star reviews and to contuniually exceed customers expectations with crystal quality, packaging, and prompt shipping.

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